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Speeches and representations present in the newspapers O Estado de S. Paulo and O Globo during the Castelo Branco government (1964-1967) 

This research analyzed editorials and cartoons present in the newspapers O Estado de S. Paulo (OESP) and O Globo (OG) during the civil-military dictatorship in the years of the evil government. Castelo Branco (1964-1967).

This allowed us to analyze not only the discourses and representations issued, created and/or appropriated by the media on different subjects:

  • The justification of the coup itself and the search for its legitimacy;

  • The representation of a "high morality" of the military as a way of legitimizing the coup and the new government, helping to hide and delegitimize accusations of corruption and human rights abuses that occurred at the time;

  • The anti-corruption discourse and its selectivity;

  • The anti-communist discourse, its representations and the appointment of enemies to be affected by the "cleaning" requested by the media and carried out by the government;

  • The almost unchallenged defense of AI-1 and its effects;

  • The 1965 elections and the beginning of OESP's removal from Castelo Branco, as the newspaper advocated greater repression and postponement of liberalization;

  • The socioeconomic situation, loss of rights and inflation;

  • The AI-2 and the support received (something that runs counter to today's speech by OESP that it broke with AI-2, support it, even having broken with Castelo);

  • The hope in Costa e Silva, the reception of the 196 Constitution, the Press Law and the National Security Law: complete rupture on the part of OESP and continuation of the alignment on the part of O Globo.

The sources served us, therefore, not only to study their motivations, discourses and representations, but also to enter and understand facts that occurred in the studied period, making this research the most holistic study possible, involving different fields of study, such as History, Sociology, Law and Economics; and revealing and studying cases yet to be studied/disclosed, especially with regard to corruption.

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